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  • I gained so much by developing courage to trust again after being treated badly and being lied to. All my life I’ve been disconnected from my sensuality - this new awareness has made a huge change in the way I relate to men and myself. I’ve never felt so good. Chen Yung, Singapore

  • The love & sex tips have helped me a great deal after getting back into dating after a divorce! Men are now much less complicated! I thought sexual intimacy was over for me. I was wrong. The connection I have with my new partner is incredible! Pauline S., Canada

  • As a woman who has survived narcissistic abuse in my last relationship, I find your products and the regular supporting articles healing & transformative. I feel more love and happiness in my life. Jasmin, Ohio

  • Your advice has helped me to better understand men and how they think and what they respond to. Many of the men I have dated told me they never met a woman like me and that they felt a calm and loving presence in me. S. Mitchell, Florida

  • Your emails and program have helped me be the person I needed to be to find my true partner in life. I knew this kind of emotional and sexual intimacy existed, though until now I had now idea how to access it. Thank you Nadine. Amily, Durban

  • I think you help people to understand that they are important and you have a soft-not disturbing means of helping, not too detailed but important points. Hannah, Munich